Dear conference participants!

In connection with the epidemiological situation in Ukraine related to COVID-19, reports at the XV International Scientific and Practical Conference “Problems of Mechanics of Railway Transport” will be presented on-line on the ZOOM platform.

During the conference, translation of reports into the working languages of the conference will be provided (English, Ukrainian/Russian).

To prepare for the translation of reports and eliminate technical errors during ZOOM – broadcasting, all conference participants should prepare a presentation of their reports in English and Ukrainian (Russian) languages and send them to the organizing committee by 05.10.2020 at the address: or An example of the design of some slides in two languages (title of the report, presentation of graphic material, conclusions) can be viewed at the link: Download.

The organizers of the conference will provide on-line participants with the opportunity to participate in discussions and discussion of all presented reports.

In case of any changes in the procedure for holding the conference related to the epidemiological situation in Ukraine, we will inform you about this additionally.

Dear participants of the conference!

In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizing committee is forced to postpone the XV International Scientific and Practical Conference “Problems of Mechanics of Railway Transport” from May 27–29, 2020 to

October 22–23, 2020.

in Dnipro National University of Railway Transport named after Academician V. Lazaryan (DIIT).

The materials provided for the conference, which received positive reviews, will be published within three months after the conference in the presence of a paid registration fee.

Important Dates to participate in the conference

July 15, 2020 Registration
August 20, 2020 Abstracts and articles submission
October 01, 2020 Registration fee submission

Representatives of universities and research institutes, railways, locomotive- and car-building enterprises of Asia, America, Africa, Europe participate in the International conferences “Problems of the railway transport mechanics” hold each four years. It shows the great interest of industrial workers in new technologies and research results devoted to the railway transport problems.

Exchange of knowledge and experience by scientists and engineers from different countries scientific teams is even more valuable in conditions of interoperability, economic globalization and integration deepening.

The following sections will work during the conference:

  • safety of trains motion, transitional regimes, energy saving;
  • vehicle-track interaction, wheel and rail wear;
  • strength, reliability, diagnostics, materials science.